• Heirs and Reverse Mortgage Loans

    It is imperative that seniors communicate with their heirs that they have a Reverse Mortgage. Soon after you pass away, the lender must be paid. Heirs of an Estate with this type of mortgage plan will need […]

  • Reverse Mortgage for Wealthy Retirements

    Retirement for many people means having to worry about how you are going to live comfortably and pay your bills without working. People are living longer today than the previous generations and as a result, […]

  • 10 Facts About Reverse Mortgages

    The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage also known as (HECM) is the FHA’s Reverse Mortgage program; this allows you to withdraw a portion of the equity value on your property. This is a plan to ensure greater financial […]

  • Reverse Mortgage in USA

    Definition of reverse Mortgage Reverse Mortgage is simply a kind of loan. It is available to persons who are above the age of sixty two and are homeowners. A portion of the equity in their […]

  • What is a Reverse Mortgage?

    Reverse Mortgages are government supported loans allowing a homeowner from age 62 onwards to borrow against their home equity. Home Equity is the difference between the remaining debt on the home loan or mortgage and […]